Director & Filmmaker Rhi Bergado is available speaking engagements for Asian and Pacific Islander American social justice as well as LGBTQIA+ causes. Rhi also works as a DJ, producer, and visual artist for IRL and streaming live events under the moniker Initial Rhi.


Rhianne Paz Quintana Bergado

They/Them + She/Her

Rhi is a first generation Pilipinx American filmmaker from Long Beach California who actively speaks on the intersectionality of their identity in various forms. From on-stage storytelling to activism and filmmaking, Rhi has always used their voice to shed light on under-represented communities. Rhi has spoken on LGBT+ advocacy for brands like Bliss Skincare and was featured as a speaker at the Stonewall 50th anniversary with The Stonewall Foundation for Urban Decay Cosmetics. Their written work has been published in the book Inspiration for LGBT Students & Their Allies and has an essay featured the all-female horror anthology Creepy Bitches. Rhi has also contributed as a writer for Filipino American identity and culture hub Kollective Hustle.


In addition to being a passionate filmmaker, Rhi has also had photography published in the New York Post's beauty and fashion insert  Alexa. More recently, Rhi directed a short documentary called Berg's Video, telling the story of their family immigrating to America in the 1970's and growing up in the storage room of a neighborhood video store in the 1980's. Producing content for companies like Disney, Lionsgate, and L'Oreal has been a mainstay for Rhi, however they continue to write and direct original content in their own voice representing various communities on both sides of the camera.

When Rhi is not making films and taking names, they can be found DJing parties at Comic-Cons and Anime conventions across the country and tweeting passionately about the newest Webtoon release.

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Read Rhi's essay about growing up in the storage room of an 80's video store, and how it influenced them as a filmmaker and horror fan. Pick up a copy of  Creepy Bitches; edited by Alyse Wax and Rebekah McKendry, PhD


CLICK HERE to read Rhi's spotlight for pocstock where they talk about how AA & PI culture influences their creative work.

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