Rhi booked their first production gig at the age of 19.  When a camera operator didn't show up on set, they were quickly promoted from PA to camera operator on a reality pilot. Rhi got their start in documentary films as a member of Armed with a Camera, which earned them a grant from the James Irvine Foundation to direct a documentary about the queer Latinx punk scene in Orange County. Since then they have worked for Disney Parks and Resorts on campaigns like Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo, and High School Musical.  Rhi also served as the head of production for FEARnet horror movie channel, creating branded content, and original shows and interstitials in the horror, comic-con, and gaming space. More recently Rhi has produced branded, reality, and documentary content with Urban Decay, collaborating with Disney's Alice franchise, HBO's Game of Thrones, Gwen Stefani, and Lizzo.


Rhi brings years of experience, and most of all enthusiasm to the table when it comes to branded creative content. With a background in film, television, and photography, they show ownership of the creative process from budget to post production. Rhi has over 10 years of experience producing content for social media platforms, 5 years of experience in digital networks and OTT programming, and 5 years of experience in international creative campaigns. Their experience ranges from film, television, music, and gaming to beauty and fashion content. Rhi has built production teams, post facilities, and studio content labs from the ground up and with over ten years of creative exploration and physical production experience, they are an accomplished media storyteller. 

Production CREDITS

ColourPop: Disney's The Mandalorian "The Child" Pallette (2020)

Client: Maven Beauty

Featuring: Melissa Tierney, Cass Jerome

Role: Director, Producer

Maven Beauty: Cosmic Drip Holiday campaign (2020)

Client: Maven Beauty

Featuring: Juliette Nadine

Role: Director, Producer, Post Production

Maven Beauty: Be Your Own campaign  (2020)

Client: Maven Beauty

Featuring: Tabria Majors, Brandi Nicole, Amaya Colonn

Role: Director, Producer, Post Production

TOMS shoes: Tomorrow in 30 documentary series (2020)

Client: TOMS shoes

Featuring: Multiple non-profits

Role: Post Production

Bliss skincare X The Trevor Project for Pride (2020)

Client: Bliss Skincare

Featuring: Naomi Smalls, Nikita Dragun, Manny MUA

Role: Director, Producer, Post Production

WLDKAT skin: Queer Selfie Project (2020)

Client: WLDKAT Skin

Featuring: Blimes Brixton, Saturn, DJ Don French

Role: Curator 

TOMS Shoes: Tomorrow in 30 (2020)

Client: TOMS Shoes

Featuring: Non-profit organizations including: Ali Forney LGBT Center, Helen Keller International, and Crisis Text Line

Role: Documentary Post Production

Pretty Different Urban Decay Campaign (2019)

Client: Urban Decay Cosmetics

Featuring: Lizzo, Ezra Miller, Joey King, Karol G, & CL

Role: Producer & Director

HBO Game of Thrones X Urban Decay Campaign (2019)

Client: HBO

Role: Producer & Director

Nicole Richie Troublemaker Campaign (2017 - 2018)

Client: Urban Decay

Featuring: Nicole Richie

Role: Producer & Director

Naked Heat Road Trip (2017)

Client: Urban Decay

Featuring: Patrick Starrr, Nicol Concilio, Kristen Leanne, Jamie Genevieve, Melissa Alatorre, Katya, Jackie Beat

Role: Producer & Director 

Rehab + Meltdown - The Ultimate Road Test: Drag Queens (2017)

Client: Urban Decay

Featuring: Katya, Alaska Thunderfuck, Jiggly Caliente & Raja

Role: Producer, Director & BTS Photographer

Ruby Rose | Vice Lipstick (2016)

Client: Urban Decay

Featuring: Ruby Rose

Role: Producer, Director & BTS Photographer


Alice Through the Looking Glass X Urban Decay (2016)

Client: Disney & Urban Decay

Role: Director Producer


HBO Vinyl X Urban Decay (2015)

Client: Urban Decay & HBO

Role: Producer & Director


Gwen Stefani X Urban Decay (2015)

Client: Urban Decay

Featuring: Gwen Stefani

Role: Field Producer


Artistry Unleashed (2015)

Client: Urban Decay

Featuring: Amanda Rodriguez

Role: Producer & Director


Where There's Smoke... (2015)

Naked Smoky Pallette product launch tease

Client: Urban Decay

Featuring: Camila DaCosta

Role: Producer

Directed by: TK Lowe


Thief: Stolen Dreams with James Caan (2015)

Short featurette 

Client: Red Shirt Pictures

Role: Producer & Interviewer


The Deep Cat Internet (2015)

Short Film

Featuring: Rebekah Brown

Role: Writer, Director & Editor

* Official Selection for the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival


BuzzFeed: Ways to Express Yourself in School (2014)

Client: JC Penney & Arizona Jeans

Role: Line Producer


BuzzFeed: Why You Need a Dog (2014)

Client: Purina

Role: Line Producer


BuzzFeed: What Does Music Look Like? (2014)

Client: UE Boom

Featuring: Gyroe The Magnificent

Role: Line Producer


Comic-Con editorial video coverage (2009 - 2014)

Client: FEARnet

Featuring: Angie Greenup, Audrey Cleo & Spider One

Role: Field Producer & Line Producer


How to Make a Zombie Friendly (2013)

Client: Hyundai

Role: Producer, Writer, Director & Editor


Jobs of the Damned: Compound Fracture Zombie (2013)

Client: Hyundai

Role: Writer & Producer


Dead Island 2: Riptide - Zombie 5k (2013)

Client: Deep Silver

Featuring: Alison Haislip

Role: Writer & Producer



Fantastic Fest editorial video coverate (2010 - 2013)

Client: FEARnet

Role: Field Producer & Editor


Reaper Reunion Special - 22 minute (2013)

Client: FEARnet

Featuring: Tyler Labine, Ray Wise & Ken Marino

Role: Producer, Director & Editor

* Reviewed with a "B" rating in Entertainment Weekly's 'What to Watch' column


Holliston TV series - Behind the Scenes BluRay features

Client: FEARnet

Featuring: Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Corri English & Dee Snyder

Role: Producer & Editor


Vicious Circle - Horror Roundtables (2011)

Client: 20th Century Fox

Featuring: Ted Raimi, Chi

Role: Writer & Producer


Team Unicorn VS. F.E.A.R. 3 (2011)

Client: Time Warner Interactive

Featuring: Team Unicorn

Role: Producer, Director & Editor


Fear News with the Last Girl - web series (2010)

Client: FEARnet

Role: Supervising Producer


High School Musical 3  Resort Entertainment - segment (2008)

Client: Disneyland Resort CAST TV

Role: Producer & Editor


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Red Carpet Premiere segments (2007)

Client: Disneyland Resort CAST TV

Role: Field Producer, Camera & Editor


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Red Carpet Premiere segments (2006)

Client: Disneyland Resort CAST TV

Role: Field Producer, Camera & Editor


Debutantes of Orange County - short documentary (2006)

Role: Director, Camera & Editor

* Awarded a grant from the James Irvine Foundation through the Armed with a Camera program





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